Call us: 972.617.9210


What’s the first step?

If you need, or think you may need an investigator the first step is to give us a call.  Depending on the type of case you have, keep in mind that someone other than you may be able to see the calls made on your cell phone.  If that is a concern remember to delete the call to us from your outgoing calls list, or call from a safe location.  Call us at 972-617-9210.  You can also contact us online, and request a reply by email.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes.  In most all cases a free consultation is offered and it will be with an investigator, not an office staff member. 

Do I have to come in to you offices to hire you or for the consultation?

No.  We understand that by virtue of the business we’re in, many of our clients are in situations that would make it very difficult to get free to come to our offices, or would it jeopardize the investigation if a spouse or someone were to get suspicious.  We’re very sensitive to this, and will work with you.  In many cases, everything can be handled over the phone.  If we do need to meet, we will work with you to meet you in satisfactory location.

Will my case and our conversations be kept confidential?

Yes.  Our clients come to us for help involving the most intimate secrets of their lives such as infidelity, criminal charges, lawsuits, and even problems with their children.  We hold this confidence in the highest regard.  Additionally since we are licensed by the state, your information is further protected subject to state law.   If there is a reason for concern regarding subpoenas, court orders, criminal activity, or other extenuating factors that may compel testimony, please bring it up during the consultation, and we will explain options to help insure that this does not become an issue.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

Many clients prefer to pay cash so there is no record of the transaction to be found by a spouse or other opposing party.  We do however also accept checks, major credit cards, and Paypal.