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Workers' Compensation Cases

Fraudulent worker’s comp claims can be very damaging to a business in many ways, and insurance fraud at best to the company that insures the claim.  When a worker claims an injury who isn’t really hurt, the employer not only faces potential increases in their premiums, but must also deal with staffing around an absent employee which can lead to a variety of expenses no one but an employer would understand.  Additionally in certain instances and jurisdictions the worker may be able to allege actions that would allow him to file suit against the employer in addition to the workers’ compensation claim.  For employers who do not carry workers’ compensation insurance the damage imposed by a false injury claim is certainly a serious danger.

Our investigators have worked many of these cases over the years and provided our clients with the evidence they needed to have claims and cases dismissed.  Combining years of investigation and surveillance training we have provided video evidence of instances such as a worker who claimed a he had a severely injured back roofing his house.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the board he was sitting on slid off the room carrying him with it, yet he got up, climbed back up the ladder and went back to work.  Another case showed video evidence of a worker who claimed his knee injury was so severe he couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time, yet he was playing volleyball. 

These types of cases aren’t unique.  In fact we have documented results like this time and time again.  Don’t become a victim of fraudulent claims.  If you feel you may be dealing with a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim, contact us today at 972-617-9210 to speak with an investigator experienced in this area.  There is no charge for the consultation and all matters are kept confidential.