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1/3 Of Divorces In 2011 Were Facebook Related

In 2009 a study conducted by a U.K. legal services firm reported that 20% of the divorce petitions filed contained the word “Facebook.” A mere 2 years later a follow up study published in December of 2011 showed an alarming increase in the numbers indicating that one third of all divorces in 2011 were Facebook related. With numbers like that, one may ask what it is about Facebook? According to author Jason Krafsky who literally wrote the book on the subject, “Facebook and Your Marriage” it has to do with reconnecting with old flames and people from your past, as well as being able to instantly “friend” someone you just met. With this type of social medium he stated that unlike office affairs which can takes years to develop, Facebook affairs happen at lightning speed. “It puts temptation in the path of people who would never in a million years risk having an affair.” As distressing as the Facebook numbers are in themselves it’s even more disturbing to consider what the numbers don’t cite. While Facebook is certainly the 800 pound gorilla in the room, it’s not the only game in town. There are certainly many other sites out there that range from finding old friends, to find someone to sleep with tonight. While we don’t have numbers for the divorce percentages related to internet social sites as a whole, The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers recently stated that 80% of U.S. divorce lawyers have stated that they have seen a rise in the number of cases in which social networking were involved.

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