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High Tech Surveillance Devices

Technology has changed the fiction of early television shows into a reality in many aspects. When searching offices and homes for illicitly planted bugging devices over the years we would explain to clients that what took a cold war spy to do back in the 70s can easily be accomplished today by a twelve year old with access to the internet.

Some of the most common requests we hear today have to do with cell phone monitoring, cell phone tracking, computer monitoring, and hidden cameras. With social sites such as Facebook which is reportedly responsible for 1/3 of all divorces in 2011, constant texting and sexting between cell phones, as well as various other new fads, today’s investigators must be able to change with the technology to properly serve their clients.

With very strong technical backgrounds our investigators and support staff are uniquely qualified to handle these cases. It’s important to understand that electronic surveillance is not always appropriate, but when not disallowed under the laws, it provides many advantages such as:

Cell Phone Monitoring:

      • Remotely receive copies of all email
      • Remotely see what is going on through the lens of the cell phone’s camera
      • Obtain copies of photos taken
      • Remotely monitor cell phone conversations
      • Monitor Facebook & social site activity
      • In some cases access to the phone isn’t even necessary


Computer Monitoring:


Tracking Devices:

Tracking devices have changed greatly just over the past decade. Devices we used just 10-12 years ago were very large by today’s standards. Today’s devices can easily be attached to a vehicle, or planted in various other items which allow tracking virtually anywhere in the world.


Hidden Cameras:

Today’s hidden cameras offer technology that would make James Bond himself smile. With devices that we can plant inside a clock radio, ball point pen, or smoke detector, and low light capabilities that literally see in the dark, a whole new world is open to the investigator. Add to that the capability to both monitor and record video from these cameras remotely and you have a case that can’t be denied.

As stated above this type of high tech surveillance must be used within the confines of the law, but many times these methods are appropriate, at which time the sky is the limit for an investigator who truly understands the technology. In cases involving infidelity, cheating or divorce, child custody, child recovery, child support, employee theft or theft of time, missing persons or a runaway child, criminal cases, nursing home neglect cases, babysitter concerns, or various other types of issues these devices may offer you the concrete evidence you need. If you feel you may have a need for this type of technology, or would like to discuss your options, contact us today at 972-617-9210 to speak with an investigator. There is no charge for the consultation and all calls are confidential.