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Child Custody, Child Recovery & Support

Cases involving children are probably the most traumatic and emotional for many clients, and justifiably so.  There are perhaps no higher stakes.  Too often children become the pawns in a high stakes game of Chess where one parent may not even want them, but will use the threat of taking them as a ploy to get what they want from a spouse.  If a spouse is in fear of losing in court, or has lost custody in court they may resort kidnapping the children and fleeing the area resulting in a Child Recovery case.  Other times if a spouse loses custody, all the love and concern they so desperately tried to convey in court seems to magically vanish once child support is ordered.  All of a sudden they never seem to have a job or means to supply the monies that are earmarked for the children they stated they loved so much.

Child Custody:

Child custody cases can be lengthy and the objectives may be very complex.  In short to be effective they will require much more than simply showing a custodial parent was out late on a date while the child was left home with a babysitter.   Additionally we don’t accept all child custody cases.  As noted above the motivations for some of these custody battles are simply cases of malice aimed at the opposing spouse and not in the best interest of the children.   We do accept legitimate child custody cases however, and have extensive experience in the area.  These cases are often worked in concert with your attorney to make sure that the efforts being focused on the case fit with the lawyer’s strategy.  We also accept court appointed cases when working for the ad litem. 

Child Recovery:

We have worked many child recovery cases over the years and have a 100% success rate in recovering the children.  The cases however by their very virtue are delicate matters and require a thorough background analysis of the case prior to any attempts to recover the child.  If you and your spouse are separated, but no custodial orders have been issued by the court we may be able to help you.  If temporary or final orders have been issued by the court and a non-custodial parent has abducted the child then we will almost certainly accept the case.  On the other hand we cannot and will not accept any case in which the objective is to recover a child from any person who is in possession of that child under a court order; or who is in custody of the child under the consent of a person who has custody.  If you have reason to believe that the child is in danger and needs to be removed from the custodial person, we may be able to launch an investigation and surveillance to show the court why you believe a danger exists.  At that time the court can issue an order which may allow us to recover the child on your behalf.

Child Support Cases:

Child support cases may be warranted for a variety of reasons.  In cases where support or temporary support may be ordered the party ordered to pay support may try to convince the court that they are unemployed when in fact they are working for relatives or doing something so that they are paid in cash.  In other instances the client may want to have support modified as they have reason to believe the support ordered party is now making more money than they were when support was initially ordered.  Deadbeat parents are another reason these investigations may be warranted when a party who was ordered to pay support simply vanishes and can’t be located. 

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