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Witness Interviews

Interviewing witnesses is a crucial skill for investigators to master.  For those fortunate enough to have been trained in a police academy, many hours of formal training give the investigator a solid base in this area, however much like conducting surveillance it is only mastered through years of actual experience taking both written and verbal statements.  Much like a trial attorney, it’s crucial that the investigator be able to focus not just on the answer being given to the current question, but also be thinking at least two to three questions ahead to determine the validity of the statement being given by the witness.  Through years of practice a seasoned investigator will develop a sense of verbal actions and body movements that give an indication as to when a witness is uncomfortable with a line of questioning, unsure in their answers, or even being intentionally deceptive.  While we’re not suggesting that anyone is a human polygraph, cues such as these when properly documented and relayed to the client’s attorney do give valuable insight as to what areas may warrant further investigation or lines of questioning that the attorney may wish to explore deeper during a deposition.

Interviewing witnesses and taking statements is truly both an art and a science, but fortunately our investigators have years of experience and training in this area.  Whether it’s a due diligence investigation for a law firm who needs to verify the validity of a case before accepting it, or finding out what a witness will testify to prior to noticing them for deposition, we have the training to properly document the interviews and investigate the claims made.

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