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Loss Prevention

Many people think of loss prevention as something only dealt with by retail stores, and while it is a huge issue for the retail industry that’s only the tip of the iceberg.    Retail stores do experience a large amount of shrinkage due to shoplifting with numbers exceeding losses in the area of 13 billion dollars per year by some reports.  Other reports however such as a study conducted by the University of Florida suggests that theft by employees falls somewhere in the neighborhood of 17.6 billion dollars per year, and is estimated to be responsible for 47% of store inventory shrinkage.  Additionally the dollar value of the theft by employees is reportedly much higher.  The study found that average dollar loses per employee theft to be $1,762.00 vs. $265.40 per average shoplifting incident.  With these types of numbers it’s unclear why many retailers will continue to focus their attention on shoplifters as opposed to inside theft.

As referenced earlier, merchants aren’t the only ones who have loss prevention needs.  Bars, restaurants, office buildings, apartments, and even schools and hospitals have to deal with theft on a regular basis. 

Our investigators have assisted many businesses over the years with their loss prevention needs.  Whether the case calls for planting an undercover investigator inside the business, the installation of hidden cameras, or strategic surveillance, our investigators has the law enforcement background, experience, and training to handle the case professionally, and correctly.

If you would like to discuss a loss prevention plan contact us today at 972-617-9210 to speak with an investigator experienced in this area.  There is no charge for the consultation, and all matters are held completely confidential.