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Why Use The Carpenter Group

Hiring a private investigator is something that is very unfamiliar to most people. You may think about it similarly to hiring a lawyer. Although the average person will not normally retain attorneys on a regular basis, they probably understand that not all lawyers are created equal. O.J. certainly understood that when he hired The Dream Team, and in the end it paid off big for him.

Whether it’s a result of television, a sharpened awareness of the legal system due to our litigious society, or a host of other possibilities, people do seem to understand that there are different calibers of lawyers, and they’re not all created equal. The same holds true for investigators, however since hiring an investigator is so foreign to many, they simply don’t know where to start asking questions to find out what they should be looking for. In fact it may not even enter their mind that choosing one investigator over another may be the single largest factor in determining the outcome of their case.

Listed below are a few key factors that may set one investigator apart from another, and why you should consider our firm:


Formal training is the foundation on which a successful investigator will build his experience, and in this profession is paramount to giving one investigator an edge over another. With the exception of only a handful of states you would never have to worry about hiring a lawyer who never attended law school, yet formal training is not a requirement to obtain a license as a private investigator. While there are classes taught by various private entities, arguably nothing can compare with the training afforded to former law enforcement officers though the police academy in everything from the laws that will affect your case, right down to courtroom demeanor and testimony education. Mr. Carpenter brings this kind of training to your case along with the added benefit of training with some of the top investigators in the profession.


Perhaps even more important than training is what kind of experience does the investigator bring to your case? In some jurisdictions the fact that you’re over 18 years of age and either have some related college classes or some experience as a bill collector may qualify you to practice as an investigator. Just as you would want an experienced attorney with thousands of wins under his belt representing you if you were on trial, you should look for similar experience when hiring an investigator that will be charged with the responsibility of building your case, or locating your lost child. Mr. Carpenter has successfully worked thousands of cases and brings over 25 years of investigative experience to the table. It’s this type of track record that has allowed us to maintain the same clients for over two decades.


With technicians on staff, our firm utilizes the most up to date equipment and technology such as GPS satellite tracking devices, as well as a whole host of cyber and e-monitoring equipment to track computer and cell phone activity, hidden video, covert surveillance, and forensic technologies. More importantly however, our team has the experience to know when these tools are appropriate, and when a lower cost, traditional method will better serve the client.

Personal Service:

When you retain our firm to handle your case, you’re more than a case number on a file, and you won’t be relegated to a secretary. From the beginning consultation you will deal directly with the investigator in charge of your case, who will work with you to achieve your goals. During the course of the investigation you will be given updates as appropriate, and will be able to update the investigator on matters you feel are important.

Whoever you choose to hire, keep in mind that like any other professional all investigators are not created equal, and don’t be afraid to ask them questions about their ability to handle your case effectively. After all it’s your money you’re spending. Don’t trust it to just anyone.

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