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Criminal Defense & Wrongful Convictions

Few things can be more devastating than being charged with a crime.  In an instant you find you’re no longer in charge of your own life.  Other people are now making the decisions that will affect your family and your future.   Your career may be jeopardized; you may actually be denied the privilege of living in certain areas or communities.  You may not even be allowed to be a part of certain activities in which your children participate at schools or other events. 

Certainly what’s worse than being charged with a crime is a conviction, and even more overwhelming is dealing with a wrongful conviction.  Make no mistake, and never think for a moment it doesn’t happen.  Unfortunately innocent people are certainly sitting on death row today.  Many have been cleared using new DNA technology, but sadly others were cleared too late and were put to death while proclaiming their innocence.  You may wonder how something like that can happen in a civilized society.  In many instances the answer lies in faulty or even false “eye witness testimony,” something that will send chills up the spine of most any experienced defense attorney.  Other times it may be due to a stack of circumstantial evidence.  Regardless of the reasons, the judicial system is a giant game of Chess, and you may likely find yourself as a pawn in the game.

Perhaps you made a mistake and were legitimately charged.  On the other hand you could have been mistakenly charged due to the comments of a witness, made a scapegoat for someone else, or been the unfortunate victim of a host of circumstantial evidentiary reasons that were misinterpreted.  In any event the stakes are high.  A conviction can ruin your life.  The prosecution will have investigators working hard to build their case for them by following up leads, interviewing witnesses in advance to see what they’ll say in court, and looking for ways to discredit any testimony your attorney may present on your behalf.  You should have an experienced investigator doing the same for you.

With formal law enforcement training and experience, plus the added benefit of working alongside top criminal defense attorneys, we are uniquely qualified to help build your case.  In a coordinated team effort we will meet with your attorney to discuss their defense plan, and then begin an intensive investigation to obtain the evidence they request to present in your defense. 

Criminal cases are often a race to see who gets to the evidence or missing witness first.  Don’t wait.  If you have been charged or think you are going to be, contact us now at 972-617-9210 to speak with an investigator.  There is no charge for the consultation, and all calls are confidential.