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Undercover Investigations

While many investigations worked by a private investigator are covert in nature, Undercover Assignments generally refer to a unique type of investigation in which the investigator is convertly inserted into a business, school, or other scenario on a continued basis.  For example the board of directors of a company that is experiencing internal issues with drugs, thefts, or other issues may opt to retain an investigator who will secretly work the case from inside the business.  The investigator may have to apply for an opening with the company, and get hired on his own merit since his true reason for being there will be unknown to even the supervisors and HR Department.  Once hired, the investigator will have a regular job with the company and will attend orientation with other new hires, fill out the same paperwork from the HR Department, and receive paychecks from accounting just like everyone else.  The difference however is that while conducting a regular job for the company, he will also be conducting an undercover investigation and reporting back to the contact person inside the company.

Undercover investigations by their very nature can be not only dangerous for the investigator, but worked improperly can cause serious internal issues for the company.  For that reason, state law allows licensed private investigators to keep their undercover team “off book” to protect their identities. 

Our undercover investigators consist of former law enforcement, and military intelligence officers who have extensive experience in conducting undercover operations.  Whether your situation relates to employee theft, drugs, or other criminal activity, a locate investigation, or child recovery type scenario, we’ll put our training and years of experience to work for you.

If you feel an undercover assignment may benefit you or your company, contact us today at 972-617-9210 to speak with an investigator.  There is no charge for the consultation, and all conversations are completely confidential.

You may also contact us if you’re outgoing, have a strong desire to learn the profession, and are interested in working as an undercover investigator.