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A picture is worth a thousand words.  It’s been said for decades and still holds true today.  After all, verbal reports can be denied again and again, but a picture is hard to dispute.

Surveillance is a cornerstone of the investigations profession.  With today’s high tech spy gear such as cell phone & computer monitoring, vehicle tracking devices, hidden cameras and a variety of other tools available to the professional investigator many seem to think that these tools can be put into place and the investigator never has to leave the office, but few things could be further from the truth. 

While on the surface the task may seem simple and mundane, expert surveillance can be rather complex and is a skill that can only be developed and mastered by years of experience.  Whether it’s moving surveillance while following someone, or dealing with the issues of nosy neighbors and law enforcement while conducting stationary surveillance there are various challenges. 

Surveillance is an important tool in an investigation.  Unlike a tracking device a good investigator will supply you with key information such as not only where the car went, but what the driver did, and with whom once he got there.  You may also be able to obtain video and still shots as well as other evidence.  It is often the key to a successful investigation in many types of cases.  Cheating & infidelity, child custody, personal injury & worker’s compensation cases, as well as criminal and criminal defense cases may all hinge on an investigator with the experience to conduct a successful surveillance, obtain the video evidence, and document it properly. 

Just as an expertly conducted surveillance can give you the hard evidence you need to make your case, few things can destroy a case as quickly.  An inexperienced person who is discovered will blow the case, and put the target on alert that they are being watched.  Once he or she has been sensitized in that manner any money that the client may have saved by trying to do the job themselves will be quickly lost as future attempts will require more advanced methods.  It should also be stated here that surveillance should only be conducted by a licensed investigator who the courts will view as a disinterested party to the case.

Our investigators are highly skilled in this area and can handle your surveillance needs professionally and efficiently.  If you are going through a divorce, child custody battle, or just would like to talk with an investigator to find out if surveillance might be a viable option for some other issue you are having, contact us at 972-617-9210.  There is no charge to speak with an investigator, and all conversations are completely confidential