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Locate Investigations

Locates are another cornerstone of the investigations profession.  In fact most cases may involve a locate at one point and time during the case or another.  Whether it’s witness locations, finding an old boyfriend or girlfriend, or tracking down leads in a civil or criminal case, locate investigations comprise a large part of our practice.  The good news for the client is that when you do so much of that over the course of several decades you get very good at it.  In fact to date our firm has never had anyone we just couldn’t locate. 

If you have been trying to locate someone, or want to but just don’t know where to start, contact us now at 972-617-9210.  Even though you may believe you don’t have enough information to locate someone, you might just be surprised.  Over the years we continually find that the client has more information than they may think.  They just have no idea what types of information is useful to someone who conducts locates on a regular basis.  There is no charge to speak with an investigator, and you may be able to find out right away if you have enough information to justify the investigation.  Additionally all calls are kept completely confidential.