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Extensive Attorney Investigation Services

Private investigators and attorneys are a match made…well where the match was made may be up for debate depending on which side of the case you’re on at the time, but lawyers and private investigators do seem to go hand in hand.  In fact over the course of 25+ years we have worked more cases for attorneys and their firms that any other type client, and have maintained several of them as clients for as long.  The list of tasks for which a lawyer may use a competent investigator is never ending, and may extend well beyond traditional investigations or process service.  At times during the course of a case, an attorney may encounter a task which he needs to have completed absolutely correctly and timely, and can’t afford to have it mishandled.

Having worked in and with law firms for many years, our team has a unique insight into the workings of civil, criminal, and family cases as well as the type of procedural formalities imposed upon attorneys.  We are also well versed on how quickly things can change in an instant for a client who is in trial, and offer priority service for our legal clients who are in the courtroom.  For our regular clients, you can simply have us calendar your trials in advance and we will keep time open and available for you.  Should you encounter an issue in trial that must be dealt with immediately, you will immediately be moved to the front of the line.

If you’re looking for an experienced investigator to assist with your cases, we would value the opportunity to speak with you.  Please contact us today at 972-617-9210.  All calls are completely confidential.