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Process Service

There are many advantages of having a process server that is associated with a private investigations firm. People move, get married, or change names. In other instances long before the lawsuit was ever filed, some people look to the future and start lying early by giving false information at an accident scene. In any event regardless if it’s a citation, summons or subpoena, the bottom line is you need it served quickly.  That means whether they have innocently moved on, or are actively avoiding the service of process, you need them identified and located.

This is where our firm offers two big advantages.  The first is that our our state licensed process servers aren't investigators that work service of process into their case load.  In fact they aren't invstigators at all.  They are full time process servers, and serving papers is what they do.  The second advantage is that while they are out there actively serving your papers, they have an ace in the hole when it comes to identifying and locating these people. They have our investigators at their disposal to handle the locate investigations and surveillance if necessary.  While process service isn’t our main area of business, it is a service we offer our legal clients which means which means our investigators make these locate investigations a top priority.  If you need process served quickly, competently, and professionally, contact us at 972-617-9210.