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Theft, Embezzlement & Criminal Cases

The problem literally dates back to biblical times, but certainly has become more complex in today’s society.  Theft and other crimes take place today using technology that didn’t even exist a few short years ago.  Employees may steal hundreds of thousands of dollars by rounding down and sweeping fractions of pennies into hidden accounts.  Con artists prey on the unsuspecting using the internet while sitting safely in other countries, waiters and delivery drivers steal your credit card information in the time it takes them to process your charge.  Adding to the problem is the complexity of today’s laws, and the overburdening case load imposed on the law enforcement agencies that are charged with investigating these crimes.

Today once victimized one may feel that the police and the criminal justice system have let them down, or not even made an attempt to help them at all.  In some cases you may be told that your issue is a “civil matter,” and therefore the police won’t get involved.  When someone has stolen from you it’s often difficult to understand the difference in civil and criminal, especially for someone who doesn’t work in the legal system.  The truth of the matter is that at times police officers themselves have trouble determining where that line is drawn.  Another issue often faced by victims of crime is they find that the police have closed their case due to lack of evidence. 

Police departments unlike private investigators don’t have the luxury of selecting their cases.  Unlike on television a case doesn’t necessarily stay open until it’s solved.  Due to a lack of manpower and resources supervisors routinely go through the list of thousands of open cases and make decisions on which cases to work, and which cases to either categorized as cleared by declaring it Referred, or marking it closed due to a lack of evidence, meaning they just don’t have enough to work with to justify the detective’s time.  In the event that your case does remain open, the file now finds itself in a file drawer or on a computer drive with hundreds of other open cases competing for the detective’s limited time.

In many of these cases companies as well as individuals will retain a private investigator.  Unlike law enforcement agencies that are funded with tax dollars and investigators with the police department who are dealing with an overburden of cases, a private investigator works for you, and can devote the time and resources necessary to solve your case, and testify on your behalf.  In situations like this it’s prudent to hire an investigator with a law enforcement background and training.  This added experience gives the investigator an edge which translates to a faster resolution and fewer out of pocket costs for the client. 

Our firm can offer you investigators with this type of training and experience.  If you have been a victim of a criminal act and are considering hiring an investigator, contact us now at 972-617-9210.  There is no charge for the consultation and and all calls are confidential.