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Infidelity, Cheating, Domestic & Family Investigations

Cases involving infidelity and cheating, divorces and other family law cases, relationship issues between boyfriends and girlfriends, and other domestic related issues have been a staple of the private investigations profession for almost as long as there have been private investigators.  At times there are monetary issues at risk such as real and personal property, a family business, bank accounts and retirement accounts or investments.  Sometimes the stakes are much higher meaning that children are involved and there could be a custody fight.   Other times there may be nothing to divide, and the relationship is over, but client just needs some sort of closure.  They want to know who the other person is, or what happened. 

Not all investigations in a domestic case should be handled the same way.  When the focus of the investigation is on the assets, an experienced investigator will know the reasons a judge may order an unequal division of community property and will focus the investigation on obtaining evidence to support the claims that will aid the client’s attorney in a divorce proceeding, as well as locate any hidden assets.  When child custody becomes an issue, the investigator’s focus will steer toward the standard of “In the best interest of the children.”  Regardless of the motivation for hiring an investigator, tensions and emotions run high in these types of cases, and it’s crucial that the case is worked correctly.  If you are represented by counsel, we will work with your attorney synergistically to focus the investigation in areas that will benefit their legal plan.

Our investigators have worked hundreds of domestic cases over the years, and have the experience and training to not only obtain the evidence, but present it professionally in court on your behalf should it become necessary.  Whether you’re seeking video evidence, financial transactions, or other proof, don’t trust a case like this to just anyone. 

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