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CheckMate Investigations

CheckMate investigations, also sometimes referred to as Check-a-Mate have gained a great deal of popularity over the past 15 years.  Probably the biggest reason for the surge in requests for these types of investigations has been due to the publicity brought to the method by national news shows which pointed out many of the advantages.

While the intricacies of working the case correctly are complex, simply stated in a Checkmate style investigation an undercover investigator is used as bait much like in an undercover vice squad sting. For example if the target of the investigation is a male, we would conduct an in depth interview with the client to find out what type of girls he had dated in the past, if he likes blonds, redheads, short, tall, etc., what his interests are, and a variety of other information such as his Facebook ID if online trysts are the concern.  Then based on the information we would choose one of our female investigators to work the case.  

While wired for both audio and hidden video, and with another investigator nearby, the investigator would make herself approachable and engage the target in a conversation.  With everything being recorded, the client would quickly find out how her boyfriend or husband would react in such a situation.

This investigative method has many advantages, one of which is that the client receives very fast results.  This equates to less expense to the client, as the case may be over in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.  Additionally if the target truly has no interest in cheating, it allows the undercover investigator to document the rejection on video giving the client the peace of mind she deserves.

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You may also contact us if you’re outgoing, have a strong desire to learn the profession, and are interested in working as an undercover investigator.